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What Should Your Social Media “Coach” Cover With You?
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Football season is in full swing and I couldn’t be more excited! Being a “football coach” and “social media coach”, I thought it would be appropriate to use the two topics in unison throughout this blog. Here are a handful of … Read More

The Four L’s of Why Most Businesses Fail at Social Media Campaigns
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“Lets start marketing our business using social media.” “Our business would be thriving if we were using social media.” “Social media is free so lets start marketing on it”. These are all common statements I’ve heard business owners say but … Read More

7 Places To Grab FREE HQ Photos
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Have you ever been concerned about using photos on your website?  Whether you’re actually “allowed” to use them or not?  Well here is 7 great sites to visit to find free high quality photos. Unsplash Photo Swap Shop morgueFile Death … Read More

Not Good At Writing Content? No Problem!
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Whether you’re writing content for a blog, social media platform, your website pages, we understand that it can be tough and time consuming. Here’s two affordable resources to reach out to when in need of creating content:  

Getting Started with Google Analytics
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Google analytics is a great tool for any business online.  We highly recommend implementing this on your site and understanding how it works.  After all, measuring success is what we’re after, right?  Please feel free to watch this video sent … Read More

How to create your own logo for free within minutes
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A lot of businesses believe creating a logo is costly, time consuming, and difficult.  GREAT NEWS, there are a number of different websites and resources that allow you to make your own logo within minutes.  Check out this YouTube video created … Read More